For Executives

Successful executive moves require an understanding of how to effectively work with this unique group of employees.  For these moves to go smoothly, it not only involves anticipating the needs of the move, but also tailoring communication appropriately, and having the ability and authority to make decisions real-time in an effort to problem solve, troubleshoot, and mitigate potential issues effectively.  Our company model is designed to best accommodate the executive mindset, providing the opportunity to anticipate the importance of each step of these moves and proactively handle the entire relocation process. 

At Red Oak Relocation, we specialize in executive moves. 

Executive Relocations


A Principal Model

At Red Oak, we have designed our business around the needs of executive and specialty relocations by embracing a principal model.  A principal is a key stakeholder in the company with the appropriate education and professional background to work with executive clients and provide the time and attention needed to ensure their moves go smoothly.  They are able to effectively act as the single point of contact by anticipating executive requests and working with these clients in a manner that caters to their individual needs, which often deviates from a traditional relocation situation.

Our executive move management includes:
  • A lean model with key company stakeholders managing every move
  • Principals with the credentials and background to specialize in executive moves
  • An independently-owned company, not affiliated with residential realtors or van lines
  • No contractual requirement to work with us on any move

Corporations utilize Red Oak when they have a relocation that must go well.  We can work with any client, even if that client has an existing relocation vendor contract in place.  Those contracts do not prevent us from managing a client’s executive moves.  (Find out why.)  |  (866) 300-0509