For Health Systems

Employee reimbursement.  Relocation bonus.  Direct-bill.  These are the different ways that our health system clients provide their relocation benefit.  Regardless of how the benefit is administered, we can help!  Our service is designed to compliment and enrich your current relocation offering.  Which benefit does your health system utilize?

Employee Reimbursement – Physicians are reimbursed for moving expenses after they start the position.

Relocation Bonus – Physicians are provided an additional bonus for relocation, paid out after their start date.

Direct-Bill – Red Oak Relocation invoices the health system directly for the move.

Red Oak Relocation has successfully helped more than 300 physicians relocate in 2018!

Why is Relocation Assistance Important?

Moving is challenging!  For a physician, relocation is a time-consuming, hands-on series of events that are stressful and disruptive in the midst of beginning a new job assignment.  Ensuring that the process of moving is handled appropriately and effectively can minimize stress  and leave a physician with a great first impression of their new employer.

Taking the Burden Off Recruiters!

Our physician recruitment contacts often share that partnering with Red Oak Relocation has all but eliminated the relocation questions that come in from physicians.

Services offered

  • Candidate services (relocation counseling, area tour coordination, etc.)
  • Shipment of  household belongings (direct-bill agreement with more than a dozen 9 van lines)
  • Shipment of vehicles
  • Home sale assistance
  • Lease cancellation counseling
  • Home finding assistance
  • Rental assistance
  • Temporary living search
  • Expense reimbursement |  (866) 300-0509