For Physicians

Recruiting and relocating physicians has unique challenges. The period of time between candidate recruitment and start date can span up to a year or longer. And there isn’t a geographic location where a good doctor isn’t needed; even in remote locations that make it difficult to attract top talent.

At Red Oak Relocation, we specialize in physician moves. Baptist.jpg

Red Oak successfully helped more than 200 physicians relocate in 2017!

For Physicians

For a physician, relocation is a time-consuming, hands-on series of events that are stressful and disruptive in the midst of beginning a new job assignment.  Ensuring that the process of moving is handled appropriately and effectively can minimize the stress associated with relocation and leave a new physician with a great first impression of their new employer.


For Health Systems

Red Oak Relocation currently serves more than a dozen health systems nation-wide, consisting of more than 100 hospitals and hundreds of clinics.  For large systems, we streamline the relocation process by centralizing the services, system-wide.  Recruiters can authorize a new physician move online and receive periodic updates.  All van line invoices are direct-billed to Red Oak and consolidated into monthly invoices to the system.


Services Offered

At Red Oak, we are not a moving company.  We are a full service relocation company that can manage all parts of the relocation process.  We have direct-bill contracts with nine (9) national van line carriers to consolidate the process of obtaining multiple bids for the shipment of household goods.

Additional services include:

  • Shipment of vehicles
  • Home sale assistance
  • Lease cancellation counseling
  • Home finding assistance
  • Rental assistance
  • Temporary living search
  • Cost of living analysis
  • Tax counseling


No Fees, No Contracts

Red Oak Relocation is a licensed freight brokerage.  The van lines that we contract with pay us commissions as we act as sales agents for them.  We never mark-up carrier invoices!

Red Oak Relocation does not require a contract, nor do we require a minimum number of annual relocations to do business with us.


For more information or for references, please email |  (866) 300-0509