Relocation Bonus

Many of our health system clients provide an additional bonus to their newly hired physicians, to cover relocation expenses.  The bonuses are typically paid out after the employee’s start date.  While the systems want to maintain this type of benefit administration, they realize that this creates significant challenges for their new employees.  Physicians face the challenge of coordinating and funding the entire move on their own, prior to their start date.

Red Oak Relocation can help while still allowing our clients to maintain this type of benefit!   

Move Coordination

We connect with the physician upon their signing of a contract with the health system and continue to work with them through the completion of their move.  From obtaining multiple van line and vehicle shipment estimates, to helping find a rental unit, to following through on a damage claim, Red Oak guides the employees through the entire process.

Relocation Funding Assistance

One of the burdens that physicians face (especially those just completing residency!) is coming up with several thousand dollars to pay for their move prior to their start date.  Red Oak Relocation has the solution!  For a small fee (paid by the physician and billed at the end of the move), we fund and carry the van line cost until the physician has started their position and has received their relocation bonus.  Once the bonus receipt is confirmed, we invoice the physician for the move.

The result is a Win-Win! 

The physicians receive full relocation guidance and support while not having to front the money for their move.  And the health system maintains their benefit policy of providing a relocation bonus.  It’s that simple!

Perhaps your health system provides one of these relocation benefits:

Employee Reimbursement – Physicians are reimbursed for moving expenses after they start the position.

Direct-Bill – Red Oak Relocation invoices the health system directly for the move. |  (866) 300-0509