What We Offer

Red Oak offers partnership with a well-founded and financially strong organization. We use a relationship-driven approach with our industry experts as a single point of contact.  Red Oak Relocation streamlines the process of relocating new and existing employees for non-profit and corporate entities to assist in recruiting and retaining top talent.



Red Oak Relocation offers:

  • Full-service relocation assistance to clients, with a high-touch, uniquely-designed firm
  • Company stakeholder involvement touching the management of every move
  • A fresh, cost-competitive approach to moving employees
  • A complimentary, web-based platform to organize, guide, and track employee moves

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Who We Serve

At Red Oak, we value and are committed to working with a broad portfolio of clients with a range of relocation needs including large corporations, small businesses, higher learning institutions, health care systems, and law firms.  We serve both for-profit and non-profit organizations, throughout the country.

info@redoakrelocation.com  |  (866) 300-0509